Terms of Service / Community Guidelines

EDU Vendor Stars is an online forum where college and university staff can search for vendor partners and find ratings and reviews of companies providing services for any aspect of the higher education enterprise. Our goal is to empower campus personnel with the tools they need to find, vet, and connect with right-fit providers, thereby maximizing opportunities for creating positive outcomes and minimizing the chances that poor partner choices will go wrong.

We are a community committed to helping each other achieve institutional success.

Please show respect for both campus and vendor colleagues.

Community Guidelines:

  • Avoid bullying, spamming, self-promotion, selling, or offensive language.
  • Avoid sharing sensitive or confidential institutional or information about individuals that would put them at risk of being personally identifiable.
  • Generously support your higher education colleagues by sharing honest, objective and constructive reviews and ratings.

Vendor Review Best-Practices:

Provide detail and examples of:

  • What worked
  • What can be improved
  • Quality of the product or service
  • Quality of the customer service you received
  • Responsiveness of the vendor team you worked with
  • Your instructional goal or reason you hired the vendor and the outcome / ROI you achieved

Be specific

What features or aspects of the service are especially beneficial? Explain why and give specific experiences and examples.

Be readable

Make your review understandable and readable by others. Use proper grammar, check spelling, avoid campus acronyms etc.

Be objective

Highlight both positive and negative experiences, even if your experience leans heavily in one direction.

Be current

Write your review about a recent experience or version of the service.

Be relevant

Be sure your comments are relevant to other campus users of this service. Avoid off point comments and opinions beyond the scope of your experience using the service.

Vendor Review Quality Assurance:

All reviews will be posted anonymously, however, some personal information is required for validation and to enable filtering functionality. All reviews and reviewer personal information will be validated as follows before being approved for posting on EDU Vendor Stars:

  1. Reviewers must share and confirm ownership of a .edu email address
  2. Reviewers must share their institution’s name and contact information
  3. Reviewers will identify their role and frequency-of-contact in working with a vendor team
  4. Negative content, trolling or personally identifying staff at a reviewed company will not be approved to appear in reviews